Healthy eating is hardly imaginable without food like fresh fruit and vegetable juices, nut milk, cocktails, smoothies (especially green ones), as they contain tons of natural vitamins, amino acids, and fiber.

Juicer for Fresh Juice

Juicers become irreplaceable when it comes to preparing fresh juices, smoothies, vegetable purees, nut milk etc. 

Auger type juicers unlike centrifugal ones make it possible to preserve maximum healthy nutrients in fresh juices, which is always a great benefit.

Those who care about their health and want to stay young longer prefer auger type juicers in their kitchens. This is great option to get green juice. You can check out the best models of these devices here:

How Auger Type Juicer Works

Auger type juicer is an entirely new type of press style juicers, when juice is extracted automatically at the speed of 40-80 revolutions per minute. Basically this kind of juice extraction allows to preserve maximum nutrients in a fresh beverage. Electric auger type juicer is in fact an automatized pressing mechanism. 

Kinds of auger type juicers 

Auger type juicers can be divided into the following kinds according to the way they operate: 

  1. Horizontal
  2. Vertical. 

Both these types of juicers are great for green juice.

Horizontal auger type juicers

Horizontal juicers occupy more space on the table compared to vertical ones. They have an auger very much similar to that of a typical meat grinder. 

What benefits do horizontal auger juicers offer in juicing greens? These devices are experts in healthy juicing, no vertical juicer can boast of juice quality better than they do. 

Today manufacturers produce horizontal auger type juicers with metal or plastic augers, or both materials combined. Each of them has pros and cons, of course. 

Single auger horizontal juicers

These juicers are smaller in size than those having two augers. There are various auger shape models as well as those with metal coverage on the tip. 

Almost every single auger juicer comes with a good number of nozzles, helping a user to make something else except juice. For instance, you can use a special nozzle to make pasta, or chop any product into chunks of different sizes. 

Single auger juicers are cheaper, though juicers equipped with two augers are more powerful. 

Horizontal juicers with two augers

Double auger juicers differ from single auger juicers a lot. The main difference is in auger itself, which is centered with a lid on its tip like you can see in vertical auger juicers. Besides, the auger is made of steel, yet not all models have fully cast ones as the production would be very expensive. According to specialists, these juicers are the best for leafy greens.

Double auger juicers, as well as single ones, come with multiple useful nozzles, which allow the user to mill, chop, or make pasta. 

The main drawback of all horizontal auger type juicers is that the user has to work with a special pusher. Besides all the products you’re planning to use in the juicer should be prepared or cut to pieces beforehand, so that they could fit the juicer’s feeding chute all right and easily pushed towards the auger.

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