The split of amy poehler nick kroll was one of the biggest celeb stories in 2015. This news could come as a shock to some (particularly the fans of the couple). Who would have guessed a funny lady like Poehler could go through another split following her divorce three years prior? Before dating Kroll, Poehler was married to actor Will Arnett for nine years before breaking up in 2012. Together, Arnett and Poehler have two kids: Archie and Abel. Kroll was Poehler’s first man after her separation. The news of their split was indeed shocking news seeing that they were together for two years, long enough a time for a couple to withstand differences and whatever comes between them. Sadly, while personal differences or things like that were indeed easy enough for the two to overcome, there is no other thing like scheduling conflicts that can wreck a partnership apart. The Parks and Recreation actress has a busy schedule and so is the Kroll Show star, who is 7-year younger than her. Their busy schedules were cited as the primary reason for their split as the two just could not make it all work. As it stands, new projects keep coming in their way, according to a source close to the couple. They did try, according to the source, to make it work for some time but things then turned to be less than realistic in the process. The two spent more time apart than together as a result. Following her separation from Arnett, Poehler was quoted as looking for a comedian who gets her completely. Rumors of Poehler’s split from Kroll was amplified by a photo of Kroll attending pre-Emmys bash shared on Instagram by comedian Chelsea Peretti. Poehler attended the awards show two days later without Kroll next to her. Instead, she came with girlfriend Brooke Posch, her partner in her Paper Kite Productions.

The confirmation for amy poehler nick kroll relationship was one of the central topics on Poehler’s memoir, published in 2014, Yes, Please. On that book, Poehler opened up by writing something romantic about the connection she felt with Kroll. She stated that she has a boyfriend now and that the boyfriend gets it on how to settle her. The guy would put his hand on her chest and tell her boring stories. On one night, she said, she woke up and apologized to the boyfriend about her snoring, only for the boyfriend to pull out earplugs he had used before bed. Poehler further reiterated that that was one of the most romantic gestures a guy has displayed for her. This makes the fact that their breakup was only a continuation of a string of celeb breakups during summer of that year only more heartbreaking to learn. The split made round on Hollywood news outlets during the first day of autumn of 2015. When the news finally made its way into the public, no one was left laughing as this was not a laughing matter. The two, Poehler and Kroll, seemed to be meant and made for each other. They were perfect fit for each other. When tabloids and magazines had started circulating the news of their breakup, none of Poehler and Kroll’s representatives was quick to respond when contacted for a confirmation. Still, it was clear from the beginning that schedules were the biggest reasons for their split. As mentioned earlier, the two did do something about it and made it their primary concern to fix things up. The two-year duration of their relationship should serve as valid enough a reason for their effort and attempt at reconciling these differences. It was not like the two were less busy at the start of their relationship. Schedules and continuous stream of new projects eventually got the better of the two.

Both amy poehler nick kroll split because of schedules. The two simply became all too caught up with their respective busy lives that their relationship got blindsided. There is a silver lining to this story, nevertheless. It was not caused by some nasty fight or a different kind of drama between them. There was no hard feeling that fueled the split; it was amicable, so to speak. But it did not make the news any less heartbreaking that it already had been. The two oftentimes went on record to say the sweetest of things about each other. Judging by the words they said, it was obvious that the two only had affection to share with one another. Said affection was even more palpable to the observers when the two were seen together. Poehler and Kroll was undeniably one of the celeb relationships that a lot of people were rooting for back at the time. For Poehler’s part, her adoration for her then-main-man was clearly articulated on her memoir back in 2014. For Kroll’s part, the most obvious proof for his adoration was perhaps when he gushed about Poehler in an interview with Refinery29. He made mention to just how funny Poehler was when she was in his show. Granted, he did the same with other comedians appearing on his show but the fact the two made an obvious effort to uplift comedians made them seem to be perfect for each other. The cuteness overloaded when they appear together side by side. This made it even more heartbreaking to see them attending the aforementioned Emmy show apart from each other.

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