Consider a Basenji

Dogs are an amazing inspiration and provide love, loyalty and daily smiles globally. Aside from photos and videos to peak your interest, what should one focus on? Puppy and dog training, personal experiences, rescue organizations, various breeds and their pros and cons, the latest toys and clothing, product reviews or perhaps an array of all!

We will start with some historical facts … dogs were considered to have been domesticated about 14,000 to 15,000 years ago in Central Asia as helpers for hunting and gathering wild plants. The earliest bones, discovered in Belgium are 31,700 years old! While the ancient Egyptians were known for their association and worship of cats, the dog was equally popular and highly regarded. Dogs may well have been domesticated in Egypt in the pre-dynastic eras, serving as hunters and companions. An early tomb painting dated to c. 3500 BCE shows a man walking his dog on a leash in a scene that is easily recognizable to anyone in the modern day world. Dogs were loved by the Egyptians and their devotion is clear from the numerous depictions and art references and inscriptions throughout the history of their civilization. The dog of king Khufu (2589-2566 BCE), Akbaru, was said to have been buried in the king's tomb with him. The Basenji is most often cited as the inspiration for the image of Anubis, one of the principal gods of the dead who guided the soul to judgment in the afterlife. I am proud to say that we are the proud parents of two basenjis!

Dogs have a strong social capacity in terms of their ability to be trained, willingness to work, ability to ‘read’ people and co-exist with humans.

Both dogs and cats are cherished as family pets and umpteen would say you are either a ‘cat’ person or a ‘dog’ person. People quite often have heated debates about this squabbling as to which creature is better. Regardless, all humans can agree that puppies and kittens are extremely adorable, but require an incredible amount of time and attention at the start. While cats may instinctively learn to use the litter box after one training session, training a puppy or a dog takes lots of repetition and positive reinforcement.

In general terms, people are thought to share comparable temperament and personality traits with their choice of pet. With cats, one is inclined to be more of an introvert, less social and more self-contained. Those who select to adopt a dog are more social and interactive and open to new experiences. The common debate people continue to have concerning which is better, dog versus cat has people on both sides of the fence fiercely arguing their case. There are pros and cons to both of our lovable, furry friends however, there are some definitive differences.

Dogs are hard-wired with a pack instinct and look towards an alpha for leadership. Dogs are more receptive to new experiences in terms of travel and moving about, due to their predisposition or instinct in following with their pack. However, it does at the same time make it harder for them to be left alone for extended periods of time especially when their human(s) works outside the home full time. Dogs crave attention and closeness like a young child. They tend to be quite needy and it goes without saying, they require daily walks. The social ability of a dog is considerable when compared with that of a cat. Dogs are willing to work and able to be trained. Dogs are also able to ‘read’ people, in fact. While cats tend to be more independent and self-sufficient, they are definitely just as affectionate and attentive, albeit for a shorter period of time. Cats may be territorial and considered lone creatures, but they too become stressed with changes even if that change is simply moving a chair.

When it comes to intelligence of one versus the other, it’s a matter of opinion. Unfortunately for cats, dogs are able to show or prove their intelligence capabilities through their actions. Dogs are adept at smelling malignant tumors, can sniff out and take down criminals, find and fetch prey in both a hunting and play capacity, run difficult agility courses at top speed, dogs even have language recognition. Many dogs know 100 words and some know twice that, but cats? Well, they’re not saying. Perhaps it’s their own independent nature and stubbornness that prevents them from acknowledging it!

Whatever the case may be, their human companions will continue forevermore to argue the benefits of the dog and engage in adopting and loving them as part of the family and in most cases, their child.

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