Steve Devries

Grand Rapids first Chiropractic Center that offers Physical Therapy and Medical Spine assistance all in the same location. We are located in Kentwood, MI and are at the CBP level of Chiropractic. This means we off a higher level of care than the average Chiropractor. We want to work with your posture and try to get your spine to have its natural curves. We also work with patients to help with their scoliosis treatments. If you have back pain, joint pain or neck issues, we are here to help. Offering a great x-ray evaluation that can show you in a clear way how your spine is. Thank you!! Find me on Skype dizzyamber if you have questions. And, yes, they are fine with that here. This is not Fiverr. I think you'll like it. There isn't that fear of reaching out off the site to help people. Just do not spam people. Wait for them to come to you. What is your facebook name? Mine is Amber Greening and I want to friend you so I can promote you more.